Errands, fitness classes, lattes….who doesn’t know that spending cash is easier than saving? But it turns out that saving can be as easier as spending, simply by reducing expenditure on items and activities that add no value to you. And the most interesting thing: You can achieve it without having to curb your spring shopping plan, your social life, or your seamless addiction to make it.

The question most people will ask is; How? After reading this article, am sure you will get the answer. So, let’s start.

Cancel all your unnecessary automated services

Make a printout of the most recent debit and credit card statements you have made, and go through them carefully, spotlighting with a highlighter, every automatic payment. Look for anything you no longer need to pay for such as a subscription to a dating site if you are in a relationship and cancel it. The printout makes it easier to identify loopholes that drain you tangible cash on a daily or weekly basis.

Downgrade your mobile phone

In the U.S. alone, an average cell phone plan costs up to $85. However, there is a way you can work on the sticker price. It’s simple; you just need to determine how much data you practically use. If you regularly access a Wi-Fi network somewhere near your house, in school or office, why can’t you go as bare-bone as possible, using mobile messaging apps such as Kik for texts or WhatsApp? And even though you use data bundles regularly, you aren’t utilizing the maximum allocated MBs. Besides, you can resolve to use a pre-paid plan. It’s an excellent way to lower your phone’s expenditure. So, know your mobile phone bill and save some pennies.

Make your budget weekly

Good news: if you are single, it’s almost twice cheaper to get yourself a decent meal worth $10, than purchase a stockpile at a greengrocery store, where goods are usually sold in bulk for families. The cheap trick is to know your weekly food expenditure.

Ask for discounts

Newsflash; you should not shy from calling for a price cut, particularly when you know your wallet or handbag has something to offer in return. Think of what you are perfect at and make an offer to save yourself some coins every week.

Have an office snack system

By getting together with your coworkers and pooling cash or going out for a Monday snack challenge, you will always have something on the deck when someone gets the nibbles.

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